We know that living in the big city comes with its own challenges when it comes to parking. The most effective way to overcome these issues is by simply installing an aftermarket parking sensor system. We provide installation of parking sensor kits that come with  dedicated external displays, or if you'd prefer we can integrate the sensors to be wired and displayed straight to your head unit if compatible.


We offer installations of parking sensor kits from a wide range of manufacturers with features including:

Dedicated display - an external dash-mounted display specifically made for the sensors. Usually shows the distance (in meters) away from the closest objects you're close to as well as bars to help you visualize the space.

Audible alert - you will be notified with a sound that increases in frequency and volume when getting closer to the objects. Full surround - you have a choice of additionally installing sensors at the front along with the rear which will give you information of objects around your whole vehicle.

Wireless - some external displays come with a built in wireless receiver so there's no needed wiring between the display and sensors. More advanced ones can be connected to your Android or Apple devices through an app that alerts you when objects are getting close to your vehicle.

License plate based - some sensors are built into the license plate frame if you're not willing to damage the car with drill holes.