When thinking of improving the overall quality of any sound system while still saving space, the speakers will always be the go to change that's needed for their versatility in reproducing the right kind of sound. Since they're the cornerstone of an ever evolving sound system, it is important to us that everything is done to an A-star standard from start, to finish, and for any future improvements. Even the most regular speakers can showcase their power and volume with the right install.


We offer installations of speakers from a wide range of manufacturers with features including:

Coaxial (2-way, 3-way, 4-way) - this is a compact system closely connecting multiple speakers (subwoofer, mid-speaker, tweeter, or more) into a single cone. It's a cheap, easy to install, and the most space conserving option, but lacks power and quality due to it's own sound interference.

Component - these speakers are positioned separately from the rest and are highly dedicated to their set task. This allows for an unlimited amount of customization in all the areas of sound (lows, mids, and highs) around the whole vehicle and are classified as subwoofer, mid-woofer, and tweeter respectively.

Material - one of the more important aspects to look out for are the material your speakers are made of. Premium components can be made of strong composite materials such as Kevlar which will not only have a long lifespan, but will also have a big effect on your sound quality.